Pilea Peperomiodes ‘Chinese Money Plant’

Product image 1Pilea Peperomiodes ‘Chinese Money Plant’
Product image 2Pilea Peperomiodes ‘Chinese Money Plant’

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Type 3 Plant

This was the first species of plant we ever sold, and is one of the most popular and sought after houseplants. This plant produces large, pancake shaped leaves with a bright green waxy hue. It can be easily propagated by taking cuttings off the main stem, and with a little patience you can end up with a mini-colony of money plants around the house. 

Pilea Peperomiodes are relatively easy to care for. They prefer a bright spot without any direct sunlight, as this can lead to scorching.  Allow the soil to dry partially between waters and make sure it doesn’t get waterlogged.


Pot Diameter - 14cm

Plant Height – 33cm


Pot Diameter – 10cm

Plant Height – 12cm

This plant comes in a plastic pot. The decorative pot shown in the image is not included with the purchase. All our plants are living objects and will therefore vary slightly in appearance from the images shown.  We ensure that all our plants are healthy and of the correct dimensions before they are shipped to their forever homes.

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