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Self-Contained Ecosystems

Our obsession with plants originated from creating these mini self-contained ecosystems. The countless possible combinations of plants, moss, stones and more means that no two are ever the same. You can watch these terrariums mature and grow wild, or keep them well pruned. Either way, you’ll find you spend a lot of time peering into them through the glass.

Terrariums in glass containers need to be watered very carefully to ensure they aren’t over watered, as their design means that very little moisture can escape. We tend to water ours with a spray bottle little and often to make sure that the top layer of soil/moss is kept damp. Best kept in a warm and bright spot away from direct sunlight.


Our 4.5L demijohns provide a totally enclosed ecosystem for the plants inside. If the bottle remains corked, these terrariums can live for years without needing additional water. Not only is this fact a great conversation starter, it also means that these bottles never need watering (which is a huge plus for even the most green fingered of us!) Demijohn terrariums are living systems, and need to be kept in a place with appropriate warmth and light levels in order for them to survive. Every demijohn is unique, and will therefore differ slightly from the one in the photo. We recommend you choose yours from those available at the time of collection.

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