Hallo Ceramics

Product image 1A hand is displayed holding a vibrant sky blue ceramic pot with a smooth matte finish, set against a background of assorted greenery in a plant nursery.
Product image 2An open hand holds a speckled white ceramic pot, its simple yet elegant design highlighted against the backdrop of a diverse collection of potted plants on wooden shelves.

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The Hallo Ceramics collection, handcrafted by the Nottingham-based artisan Heather, is a showcase of unique elegance and thoughtful design. These cachepots are distinguished by their smooth glaze finishes, ranging from the tranquility of soft blues to the minimalist charm of speckled whites.

Good to Know

  • Artistry: Individually shaped and glazed, each cachepot is a unique creation.
  • Design: A fusion of modern simplicity and rustic charm, suitable for various interior styles.
  • Functionality: Cachepot style allows for easy interchange of plants.

Who's it for?

These cachepots are perfect for those who value the individuality of handmade items and the subtle interplay of artistry and utility. They make a sophisticated addition to any plant lover's home, blending seamlessly with any decor while elevating the natural beauty of your plants.

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Plant Size Chart

Check out the breakdown of pot sizes that each of our sizing options represent across our range of plants, if you need to know the specifics for your chosen plant, please feel free to contact us at info@thewateredgarden.co.uk



Pot Diameter (cm)


5.0 - 6.5


7.0 - 10.0


10.5 - 15.5


16.0 - 22.0


22.5 +