Type 3 Care



Keep these plants in a brightly lit spot with partial sunshine. In the height of summer make sure plants aren’t scorched by direct sunlight as this can result in brown, washed out leaves. Turn the pot frequently to prevent leaves turning towards the light.




Type 3 plants prefer their soil to be damp, but not wet. Water thoroughly but make sure the soil is free draining to avoid it becoming too saturated. Wait for the top layer of soil to begin drying out before watering again.




Type 3 plants prefer free draining, rich soil. If your pot doesn’t have drainage holes, be careful not to water too much to avoid excess moisture sitting around the roots, as this can lead to root rot.


What we do

We check that the top layer soil is dry before watering type 3 plants. This is typically once a week during the summer months, and once a fortnight during winter months

N.B. Remember it isn’t all about the frequency of watering, but also the volume of water given. If you think your soil is too wet or too dry, try keeping the same routine but alter how much water you give each time.

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