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The Stumpy - Brown Pot offers a rich, earthy brown tone with a glossy, reactive glaze that gives each piece a distinctive, mottled pattern. This robust cachepot is crafted without a drainage hole, making it ideal for use as a decorative outer pot to conceal grow containers or for plants that thrive in more controlled watering environments.

Good to Know

  • Finish: A deep brown glaze with unique variations in each piece.
  • Design: Sturdy and stout with a clean, cylindrical shape.
  • Use: Since there's no drainage hole, it's best suited for plants that require less frequent watering or as a decorative holder for a potted plant.

Who's it for?

This cachepot is perfect for those who favour a natural and artisanal look in their home. It's especially suited to those who prefer to double pot their plants, adding a layer of protection between the plant's primary container and surfaces.

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