Ceropegia Woodii

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The Ceropegia Woodii, commonly known as the String of Hearts, is a Type 2 plant. This charming trailing plant is celebrated for its heart-shaped leaves, marbled in shades of green, silver, and pink. It's a delightful choice for hanging baskets or high shelves where its cascading vines can be displayed to full effect.

Good to Know

  • Light: Prefers a brightly lit spot with partial sunshine. Avoid direct, harsh sunlight that can fade its delicate leaves.
  • Water: Likes dry conditions but appreciates a good drink. Allow the top layer of soil to dry out before watering again.
  • Soil: Prefers a free-draining, well-aerated soil mix. Ensure adequate drainage to avoid waterlogging.
  • Temperature: Enjoys warm and consistent temperatures. Avoid exposure to cold drafts.
  • Humidity: Tolerates average room humidity but can enjoy occasional misting.
  • Growth: Fast-growing, especially in the growing season. Prune as needed to maintain desired length.
  • Origin: Native to South Africa, known for its drought tolerance and easy-care nature.

Who's it for?

The Ceropegia Woodii is perfect for both beginners and experienced plant lovers alike. Its low maintenance and easy-care nature make it an excellent choice for those new to houseplants, while its unique appearance and trailing growth habit appeal to more seasoned collectors.

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