Alocasia 'Dragon Scale'

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The Alocasia 'Dragon Scale' is an enchanting Type 3 plant, famous for its textured leaves that resemble the scales of a dragon. Its large, heart-shaped leaves display a beautiful array of green shades, creating a stunning visual effect.

Good to Know

  • Light: Prefers bright, indirect light, shielding from direct sunlight to protect its delicate leaves.
  • Water: Keep the soil consistently moist, but not waterlogged. Allow the top layer to dry slightly between waterings.
  • Temperature: Enjoys warm conditions, avoiding cold drafts.
  • Humidity: High humidity is crucial for its lush foliage.
  • Soil: Thrives in a well-draining, nutrient-rich potting mix.
  • Growth: Known for its moderate growth and striking foliage, ideal for creating a focal point in any room.
  • Origin: Part of the Alocasia family, originating from tropical Asia, it brings an exotic flair to indoor environments.

Who's it for?

The Alocasia 'Dragon Scale' is perfect for plant lovers who are drawn to unique and visually intriguing foliage. Its dramatic appearance makes it a favoured choice for adding a touch of the exotic to homes and offices.

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