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The Hoya Linearis is a Type 2 plant. Known for its delicate, cascading foliage, the Hoya Linearis features slender, trailing stems with small, linear leaves. It is especially loved for its stunning, fragrant white flowers that bloom under ideal conditions. This plant adds a touch of elegance and natural beauty, making it a perfect choice for hanging planters or high shelves.

Good to Know

  • Light: Prefers a brightly lit spot with partial sunshine. Ensure protection from intense direct sunlight which can damage its tender leaves.
  • Water: Enjoys dry conditions but appreciates occasional watering. Allow the soil to mostly dry out between waterings.
  • Soil: Thrives in free-draining, well-aerated soil. A mix suitable for cacti or succulents is often recommended to prevent water retention.
  • Temperature: Prefers warm conditions and should be protected from cold drafts and temperatures below 10°C (50°F).
  • Humidity: Tolerates average room humidity but may benefit from increased humidity during the flowering period.
  • Growth: Slow to moderate growth rate. Pruning can encourage bushier growth and more flowering.
  • Origin: Native to the Himalayas, this Hoya species is appreciated for its unique foliage and beautiful blooms.

Who's it for?

The Hoya Linearis is ideal for both novice and experienced plant lovers. Its ease of care and elegant appearance make it a wonderful addition to any indoor space, particularly for those who appreciate delicate foliage and the potential for fragrant flowering.

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